Loved it. The team is very knowledgeable and really helps you to get the best result out of your gear.

Arjan, Sydney

Luke, Daniel and Andrew have devised a fantastic workshop to bring together like minded Seascape enthusiasts to impart their wealth of knowledge on capturing our beautiful coastline. I gained some great tips and tricks on composition, location and technical ‘know how’ in a super friendly and fun atmosphere! And I finally understand when and how to use my filters!

Chelsey, Freshwater

I liked the theory before practice aspect of the workshop and have at least one ok photograph…thank you….I am looking forward to doin more inspiring workshops!

Sara, Sydney

I came to the workshop with a number of questions in mind in relation to locations, conditions, composing photos, camera settings and all were answered during my conversations with Daniel. Some were covered during the presentations but I was very appreciative of the one on one time with Daniel and he was more than happy to go above and beyond. Loved how Andrew understood what photo i was trying to take and assisted me in achieving it.

David, Sydney

Your Seascape Workshop is truly a worthwhile experience. I take back with me a better eye and new perspective when composing and capturing shots in this type of photography.
Your one-on-one on site instructions helped me a lot to understand the intricacies when using filters.
Thank you and more power to your workshop.

Rey, Melbourne

Out on the shoot was the best part. The advise there from Luke and Daniel was the best. Thank you also to NISI filter for borrowing and trying out. GREAT WORK

Jan, Sydney

Luke, Daniel and Andrew are really nice people who are generous with their knowledge of photography and ready to help you improve your photography. They are easy to get along with and responsive to ready to help. The ratio of tutors to students is the best l have ever encounter in a workshop, which means help is not far away when out on the shoots. I had a very enjoyable time at the workshop and came away knowing more about photography and in particular seascape photography.

Jennifer, Sydney

The friendly and inclusive style of facilitation, along with the hands-on learning experience was my favourite part of the workshop.

Peter, Sydney

It was good how all three leaders floated around the participants. I found the assistance on getting good composition helpful, and the advice on how to use the histogram to assist in determining the exposure using live samples very beneficial.

Charmayne, Sydney

Had a very enjoyable time, met some great people, the atmosphere was convivial and friendly while being educational at the same time

Rosa, Sydney